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There are four major tea types – black, green, white and oolong. These four types of tea all come from one plant, Camellia Sinensis. It’s the way the leaves are treated that determine how the different types of teas are created.

Sovereign Coffee & Tea proudly offers our customers with the best teas available in the Central Florida area.

tea_hot_icon Hot Tea

Legend has it that tea was discovered by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 BCE. A tea leaf accidentally fell into his bowl of hot water, and the rest is history.


Tea Forté is the global luxury tea Brand identified around the world as the ultimate tea experience. Known for the variety and unparalleled quality of handcrafted teas, design-driven accessories, exquisite packaging and opulent approach, Tea Forté re-imagines and re-defines the contemporary tea experience by delivering a delighting and luxuriant encounter. It is this intersection of extraordinary teas and unparalleled presentation that creates Tea Forté’s exceptional experience. Enjoyed in over 35 countries, Tea Forté is presented at leading hotels, restaurants, prestige resorts and luxury retailers. Tea Forté is proud to be selected as the exclusive House Purveyor of premium teas for the renowned James Beard Foundation. For more information on Tea Forté visit www.teaforte.com.


Since its foundation in 1862, Julius Meinl has always taken pride in its premium tea offers. Nurtured from its rich heritage, Julius Meinl Tea continues its pursuit of perfection in quality and service, and innovates with audacious tea blends and solutions, aiming to bring a unique sensorial poetry with every cup of tea we served. Tea is grown in many regions throughout the world. There are however special tea gardens in single origins, which provide the ideal climate and conditions to grow high quality teas. Julius Meinl naturally sources its teas from the world’s famous tea gardens to be able to offer high ranking quality to customers as well as consumers. For more information on Julius Meinl visit www.meinlcoffee.com.


China Mist whole leaf tea sachets give your restaurant guests the beauty and flavor of a loose tea presentation without the hassle of measuring and cleanup. Our premium hot tea sachets are made from the finest whole leaf teas, encased in a nylon sachet bag. The large sachet bag allows for full expansion of the tea leaves, resulting in a more flavorful cup of hot tea. For more information on China Mist visit www.chinamist.com.


Mighty Leaf Tea was born for the sole purpose of infusing life into an ancient indulgence by creating tea products that reach new heights of quality and innovation. The genesis of Mighty Leaf Tea came in 1996 as a result of a shared passion and dream envisioned by husband-and-wife team Gary Shinner and Jill Portman when they founded their teahouse on Fillmore St. in San Francisco. Their passion is for creating the most incredible handcrafted tea blends found anywhere, globally sourcing the finest ingredients available. Paralleling the highest standards of quality at Mighty Leaf Tea is ongoing creative innovation. For more information on Mighty Leaf visit www.mightyleaf.com.

tea_ice_icon Iced Tea

Iced tea was invented at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair by an Englishman named Richard Blechynden, where the weather was so hot, tea wasn’t selling. Richard had the idea of pouring it over ice and it was an instant success.


Fresh brew is on trend with savvy, quality conscious consumers looking for flavor experiences. For restaurants that compete for these highly-profitable and loyal guests, China Mist fresh brews are the clear choice. Our clean, clear and refreshing iced teas are often the first and last impression of your restaurant. Our leaves are specially chosen for brewing clear, fresh and flavorful iced teas, making China Mist a sip above the rest. China Mist Restaurant Iced Teas are available in a variety of deliciously addicting, on-trend and differentiating flavor blends to complement your menu and suit all of your restaurant guests’ iced tea cravings. Our signature blends offer hints of flavor that never overpower, while allowing the smooth flavor of fine tea to shine through. For more information on China Mist visit www.chinamist.com.


Tea Over Ice®, elevating iced tea to a higher level. Only Tea Forté could transform a cool glass of iced tea into an entertaining event. Authentic iced tea is steeped and flash-chilled moments before you drink it in our sculpturally designed, heat resistant Steep & Chill™ Pitcher Set. Each of our five iced tea blends are artisan crafted to deliver unparalleled iced refreshment any day of the year. For more information on Tea Forté visit www.teaforte.com.


By 1932, the Luzianne brand was established throughout the Southeast, as was its reputation for selling the region’s finest coffee and tea. Today, Luzianne is still revered as the gold standard of Southern refreshment. Fresh brewed Luzianne Iced Tea has been a tradition in the South for over 100 years. After one sip, you’ll understand why. For more information on Luzianne visit www.luzianne.com.


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